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My name is Ryan Pergola and I am the director of fitness and nutrition for Family Fitness Centers. This blog is designed to provide quality information to those of us who wish to live well in the pursuit of optimal wellness. I welcome you to participate in the discussion and share your thoughts. My team of Fitness Professionals and myself have a genuine passion for helping people. Our clients look better, feel better and are  more successful in all aspects of life. We strive to provide scientifically proven programs, coaching and education that allow people to reach optimal wellness. Be sure to sign up for a free fitness and wellness consultation Here and to follow us on Facebook.


Our Mission

   Family Fitness Centers’ mission is to help individuals and families take control of their health. We will provide the knowledge, the education and the motivation necessary for individuals and families to pursue optimal wellness. Family Fitness Centers will only promote science based, clinically proven wellness programs which focus on proper exercise, nutrition and scientifically proven supplementation. Through our efforts we can and will create healthier and happier communities.

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