Bromelain Benefits:

Fruits Have Power to Heal

Fruits have always brought with them
a plethora of health benefi ts. Vitamins,
antioxidants, phytonutrients and more come
from just about any fruit imaginable. And
yet, science is always fi nding new, amazing
benefi ts around every corner.

Take the pineapple. Not only is the fruit
rich in vitamins and minerals, but its stem
contains a mixture of enzymes known as
bromelain — one of the most researched
ingredients in the nutritional supplement
world over recent years thanks to its variety
of benefits.

Healing, Inflammation Benefits

Therapeutic doses of bromelain have been
shown to “[reduce] edema, bruising, pain
and healing time following trauma and
surgical procedures” until the body has
completely healed, according to published
studies in Alternative Medicine Review.
As a treatment for injuries such as muscle
strains and torn ligaments, bromelain proved
to be successful in “[reducing] swelling,
pain at rest and during movement, and
tenderness” while also reducing “effects of
unaccustomed exercise and accelerate [the] recovery of muscle tissue.”

Bromelain’s infl ammation benefi ts go
beyond sore muscles and exercise, though.
Those with sinusitis, an infl ammation of
the sinus cavity due to infection, allergies
or autoimmune issues, have also benefi ted
from bromelain. One study found that 85
percent of individuals who took bromelain
“had complete resolution of [sinusitis] and
complete resolution of breathing diffi culties.”

Arthritis Benefits

Numerous studies have been conducted
on the benefi ts of bromelain as it relates to
arthritis; in particular, osteoarthritis and
rheumatoid arthritis. And, with more than
50 million Americans affected by some form
of arthritis, it’s not hard to fi nd someone
looking for relief. For many of those people,
bromelain could be a key to rediscovering
their old selves.

Researchers have found that bromelain
research “looks promising” and “may
provide a safer alternative or  adjunctive treatment for

One study found that a four-week regimen
of bromelain supplementation “resulted in
signifi cant decrease in pain and stiffness in
patients with knee osteoarthritis.”

Cancer Benefits

Perhaps most promising is bromelain’s
potential for cancer patients. This exciting
research — while still in its infancy — could
provide the basis for new non-invasive
treatments that can help millions upon
millions struggling with the variety of forms
this disease takes on.
For example, research out of Norway has
found bromelain demonstrates the ability to
“signifi cantly and reversibly reduce adhesion,
migration and invasion” of primary brain
tumors, or gliomas. The study’s authors
wrote that, “to hinder the migration of the
invasive glioma cells without negative impact
on neighboring bystander cells represents
an attractive treatment approach …
[Bromelain] may provide a complementary
treatment strategy in combination with
surgical removal.”
Another recent study supports the hypothesis
that bromelain does more than support
more conventional cancer therapies; rather,
it directly affects a specifi c genetic marker
associated with cancerous infl ammation.
According to researchers, bromelain causes
cancer cells to die while not affecting
healthy, outlying cells.

This is due to bromelain’s properties as
a protease enzyme, which helps dissolve
non-needed structures, such as scab
material once healing has occurred. Cancer
cells “protect” themselves from detection by
shielding themselves in a protein layering.
Protease enzymes like bromelain help
break down that layer, thus making it easier
for your body to fi ght off the cancerous
cells. These enzymes activate a so-called
“cellular house cleaning” important to the
maintenance of cellular health.

The potential benefitsof bromelain are
astounding. Helping everything from
daily aches and pains to some of modern
medicine’s most concerning health
conditions, bromelain can provide not only a
treatment, but a preventative measure that
can keep us healthy day in and day out.

Getting Bromelain in an Isotonix form as a supplement can be an extremely effect way to receive the countless health benefits.

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