Do You Make These Result-Slowing Exercise Mistakes?

I bet you do. See for yourself…

Putting speed over form – Don’t confuse speed with intensity.  Intensity is important, the harder you work, the quicker results will come.  Speed, on the other hand, can get you injured.  Because speed for speed’s sake almost always compromises form.  And when you break form, not only are you not working the muscles properly and optimally, you’re also possibly putting yourself in a position where a muscle, ligament or tendon can be improperly stressed…and damaged.  Nothing will stop your results in their tracks like an injury will, so please, please be careful and use correct form.  This is one of the many places where it is so valuable to get expert guidance, feedback and coaching.  Just looking at a picture in a magazine or book, or even watching the exercise performed by someone else on a video, can be deceiving.  For optimal results, use optimal (correct) form at high intensity.  If you’d like a primer on form, function, proper technique and injury avoidance, I encourage you to give us a call and come in for a complimentary workout.  Our gift to you!

Reading a magazine while doing cardio – Reading takes your concentration away from the task at hand, which is an intense, heart-pumping workout.  And all sorts of bad things can happen when you’re not focused on what you’re doing while running along at 6mph on the treadmill, or even when you’re on a stationary bike.  I’ve seen it all, and some of the spills I’ve witnessed weren’t pretty.  DOH!  If the person could get back up, he’d get up with an embarrased look on his face, that’s for sure.  But  really, it’s not about embarrasment, it’s about safety and getting results.  I’m not trying to be a scrooge, I just want you to know that getting results, particularly if you want them fast, requires focused effort.  You can’t do that while reading about “Brangelina” or even about the price of oil! Instead of a magazine, put on your Ipod with some motivating music…and rock it out!

Ignoring weight training – Guys obviously understand the benefits of weight training, but ladies…not so much.  And I get it.  You don’t want “bulky” muscles.  But the truth is, that just won’t happen.  Remember, muscle is more compact than fat.  And women don’t have the muscle building testosterone men have. So, when a woman trains with weights, your body literally shrinks.  It doesn’t expand, and certainly won’t get “bulky.”  Instead, you’ll enhance your feminine curves by toning them up, and tightening them down!  Tight, toned and terrific is what you get from weight training…done right.  Again, come in and we’ll show you the right way…for free.

OK, so now you understand a few of the common mistakes that sabotage results. I hope you’re put them to practice in your workouts.  And if you need help, you know how to reach us!

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