Personal Training Clearwater Florida:

Weight loss success story from Clearwater florida

When I became a member of Family Fitness my goal was to become healthier due to the good lord allowing me to become the longest living male member of my original family. My other three brothers have gone to live with the lord.

    Having similar health issues, I am determined to somehow beat the odds of a similar fate for the near future. After the completion of the Fit Fast 12 Week Nutritional Education Program I have lost 34 pounds. I cannot remember when I weighed less than I do now. It has been at least 8 years ago. All this in 12 weeks with the plus of strength and health I haven’t enjoyed since who knows when.

     I want to thank my personal trainer Nick and other members of the team for their encouragement and helpful suggestions.

Age: 75      Lost: 34lbs          3.0% BF      5” around the waist

-William M.

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Personal Training Clearwater Florida
Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Results not typical. The program only works if you do!

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