Tribe Team Training – Season 7

FREE Trial Week Starts  Monday March 6th 2017!
Season 1’s 6 Week season starts Jan 23rd !

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Join us all week long for our Tribe Team Training Free Trial Week!

Three different programs to choose from so there is something for everyone!

TribeFIT – High intensity functional fitness
TribeLife – Low Impact functional fitness
TribePunch – Get fighting fit without getting hit!

Together with Tribe Team Training we achieve more! Get with us to take your personal fitness to a new level. If you aren’t getting results with your current program it is time to ask your body a new question!

This progressive 6-week program runs twice a week and you never do the same workout twice. No matter your fitness level this program is designed to ensure you make progress in a safe and effective manner. Join us today!



2017 Season 1 Tribe Schedule Trinity


Our Tribe Team Training Program can purchased on a per season basis or by getting started with our Black Card Membership. Our Black Card Membership option includes everything you need to become a better YOU! A dedicated accountability coach will help you build a working program that integrates all the components required for success. We will address nutrition, supplementation, customized exercise prescription, accountability and coaching. We will get you started with a detailed fitness & weight loss diagnostic consultation followed by fitness testing to assess your current fitness level. We will then work together to teach you all the components and get you started in the proper Tribe Team Training Program & Group Fitness Sessions. Combing these group programs along with your individual workouts yields the best results possible. All of this starts at only $99 per month. Give us a call today for more information at (727) 375-1116.



TribeFIT Poster Tribe Punch Poster TribeLife Poster _New Tribe Team Training Monthly Price Sheet

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  • Sharon Trese

    1:29 am

    Tribe Life and now Tribe Core are amazing workouts! I have been participating in at least 1 Tribe class for the last 6 seasons. I’ve had great results, I’m more fit now than my early 20’s. Crystal is an awesome instructor who helps you get the most out of your workout! I’ve met great people who encourage each other to give their all. So glad I attended a trial week last March. I can’t believe how hard I’ll work during these seasons and can’t wait to go to the next class. Very motivating with awesome results!

    • Thank you for the great review Sharon! We are so happy with the progress you’ve made! Looking forward to continuing the journey with you! One Unit, One Team, One Tribe!

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